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Mark Gothreau ® 2020
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People approach me in a number of different ways when they would like to commission me to "do a piece". Often people will speak to me while I am at an art show, others will contact me by phone or e-mail.

We usually discuss the subject matter, the size, the time frame for completion and approximate cost. I prefer to take a picture of the subject myself if this is possible. I have a talent for discreetly taking the pictures. The commission is often a surprise for a family member or friend and the surprise is successful because of my ability to obtain a photograph in a natural manner. Sometimes, however, a client may bring me a picture of a far away home, a beloved animal, a special scene or ... and I will work from this photograph or picture.

Once the picture is on hand, I begin with a very rough sketch of the subject matter. Then, gradually, I work in the details. I use a variety of grades of pencils to achieve the right shading, shadows and composition. Depending on the size and the subject, a picture may take between 15 and 50 hours to complete. A larger, more detailed picture can take longer, as it is important to take the time necessary to create the images and standard my clients have come to expect.

I want my clients to feel as if they are looking at the actual home, pet or scene. I always hope to capture the mood or personality in each piece I complete.

Clients normally frame the pieces themselves, but I can also arrange to have that done, for an additional cost. Once the piece is complete, I deliver their artwork.

I feel great joy and satisfaction when I see the look of delight on my clients' faces when they see the completed commission. I know I have achieved my goal and indeed captured the look and feel of my subject.

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